Mac OS X

Requires: Mac OS X 10.2 or above. PowerPC G4 or Intel.

Install: Extract it from the DMG. Drop the program to /Applications or /Users/username/Applications. Double-click the Padded application to start.

Removal: Delete the application.


Requires: Kernel 2.2.14 or above. Pentium CPU or above, X11. LibSSL is recommended but not essential.

Install: Install dependencies, where needed. Copy the executable to /usr/local/bin and grant it execute permissions: chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/Padded. 32-bit releases will need 32-bit support libraries installed, when added to a 64-bit Linux OS.

Removal: Delete the binary executable.

Trouble-shooting: Resolving Padded's LibSSL dependencies can be an issue for new users. From v2.12, Padded can do without LibSSL on Linux by disabling the functionality which depends on it.

Windows (Microsoft)

Requires: Microsoft Windows 98 - Windows 10.

Install: No installation needed. Double-click the executable to start.

Removal: Delete the binary executable.

Windows (WINE)

WINE allows you to run the Windows executible on a wide range of other operating systems (including FreeBSD, PC-BSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Linux and BeOS).

Wine is now considered stable. Padded runs well, needing only the base Wine install to function, no extensions.

Requires: Wine 0.9.25 or better.

Install: Ensure you have Wine installed. Copy the executable to a handy location. Run it using: wine ./Padded.exe

Removal: Delete the binary executable.

Windows (ReactOS)

While ReactOS is itself in alpha-level development, Padded generally works well on ReactOS 0.4 and above.

Requires: ReactOS 0.3.4 or better. ReactOS 0.4.x, for best results.

Install: See "Windows (Microsoft)" section above.

Removal: Delete the binary executable.