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Padded was a feature-filled but user-friendly PAD file editor. PAD is an initiative of the Association of Software Professionals (ASP).

Padded helped you build publicity and increase downloads of your software, by creating PAD files software distribution sites can load into their product databases.



Padded is now retired software. In the recently released PAD 4.0 specification:

"[The PAD 4.0] format is copyright of the ASP and cannot be used without the formal licensing and permission of both the Association of Software Professionals and its agent" produces an online PAD editor and provides PAD file storage and distribution. While it's disappointing that the ASP has chosen to go down the path of a proprietary data format and exclusive licensing, I have complied by removing the software from this website. A bit of a shame too, considering I was working on a nifty Facebook port. Ah well.

When available, Padded supported:

The last release of Padded was v2.16. In the early days of v1.xx, native binaries were also available for:

I remain proud to have brought PAD support to so many platforms, over a very extended time when the ASP's recommended software (PADGen and PADManager) remained Microsoft Windows only.

Note2: Padded also runs on a wide range of other operating systems (including FreeBSD, PC-BSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Linux and BeOS) using Wine, needing only the base install.

Note3: ReactOS is itself in alpha-level development. While Padded generally works there, there are no uarantees it'll work with each release as the underlying ReactOS subsystems are rather fluid and changeable.


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© Peter Caffin, 2006-2012. Note: Retired software.