The Comfy Chair of PAD File Editors


Padded was a feature-filled but user-friendly PAD file editor. PAD is an initiative of the Association of Software Professionals (ASP).

Padded helped you build publicity and increase downloads of your software, by creating PAD files that software distribution sites can load into their product databases.


Now Retired Software

The PAD 4.0 specification's licensing led to becoming the exclusive licensee to provide an online PAD editor and repository, ending the role of third party utilities like Padded.

While it was a bit disappointing at the time, the logic of centralising PAD to a single location, where standards conformance could be guaranteed, is hard to argue against. In the end, I was proud to have brought PAD file editing to so many platforms, at a time when the ASP's recommended software (PADGen and PADManager) remained Windows-only.