Padded FAQ


What's in this tool's future?

The recently released PAD 4.0 specification states:

''[The PAD 4.0] format is copyright of the ASP and cannot be used without the formal licensing and permission of both the Association of Software Professionals and its agent''

As a result, Padded has been retired, and the development of Padded for Facebook has been shelved indefinitely. produces an online PAD editor and provides PAD file storage and distribution.

While it's disappointing that the ASP has chosen to go down the path of a proprietary data format and exclusive licensing, I have complied by removing the software from this website.

Now that Padded is retired, can I still get my license?

If you've lost a license you've previously bought, it can be found and emailed to you.

New licenses can no longer be purchased. You're best off using the website.

How can I get my PAD extension supported by Padded?

Well, these days you can't since Padded has been retired.

Does Padded support PAD Signing?

Padded now supports the use of third party signing tools. This is set in the Preferences dialog. For further info, there's an detailed guide (with examples) in the Help documentation (click Help → Padded Help from the application menu).

Does Padded support importing from and exporting to PADGen's Company Info (CML) and Program Info (PML) files?

You bet. This was first added in Padded 2.14.

Can I use my CML and PML files in a template system?

Absolutely. You can use any combination of these, plus components from your ordinary PAD files, in your templates through the Templates Manager ('Edit ⇒ Templates' in the main menu).

When you have a template named, for example, 'Main', and you've selected that template to be active, the files you've listed in it will be automatically imported when you start a new file. It's an incredible time-saver.

Does Padded really run on ReactOS?

Yep. Padded was tested occasionally against ReactOS 0.3.4 and up. It didn't always work perfectly, but ReactOS has improved greatly over the years. Padded should work consistently well on ReactOS 0.4.x.

I removed an Extension or a Description Language and now the data has gone in my PAD file.

If the exension is removed, then any data for that extension won't be saved. It helps to reduce the size of your PAD file.

I'm having problems getting Padded to recognise my SSL library under Linux.

This page has some info that should help.